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2020 PACRAT 5 Race digital photo package.

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Individual Racer - $50.00

Teams- $250.00 per team (10 racers, same team)


1) 5 PACRAT Races will be photographed.

2) Photos are edited then posted 2-3 days following the race.

3) Unlimited Team or Individual slope side portraits.

4) Images are available to download from a On-Demand Team or Individual gallery.

5) Members will be the stars in the Rat Attack Party Slideshow.

6) Members receive a 25% discount to use in the store for prints and other keepsakes.


•Keep those memories fresh with photo evidence of you having fun racing your friends this year or from years past!

• Bragging rights are everything, so share that "shot" with family and friends.

•FREE tips from a Cert 3 PSIA / USST 200 coach. "i can  show you how to use your legs"

• MA Sequential images.  Use sequential images for Movement Analysis (MA) in developing your skiing and racing skills.

•Work with the Photographer and learn how to get that shot!


• It's not just the kids who's photos are wanted, It's yours. The kids will want them as well as Parents, Grandparents, your siblings and friends.

• Photos last forever, they create smiles and refresh the mind.

**Offer includes any necessary make up races due to cancelations by the race committee.

Here's a bit about Bob

First of all, thank you for having me back for a 5th season of PACRAT Racing!

Stawicki Photography is a Sports Photography Company covering events for Pro's and regular folk that like to play in the elements of Wind, Water, Dirt or Snow. He began his photography journey during his many years of ski coaching and active lifestyle. He is a level 3 PSIA Alpine instructor, A PSIA TD (trainer), a PSIA-AASI 1 instructor and a Level 200 USST Coach.

In the winter it's all about the snow, birding and wildlife. For summer he trades in the ski's and hiking boots for a Zodiac boat. Then it's all about the water and wound up conditions the mighty Columbia River brings with it's strong westerly winds and ocean like swell. If you like water the "gorge" is the place for Wind and Water enthusiasts.

He started Stawicki Photography / iwasphotographed in 2012 and is located in White Salmon, Wa and has a Summer photo booth at the Hood River Event Site.

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