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2022 MHSRL Photo Passport - Cost $65.00

• Races covered; 1/22/22, 1/30/22, 2/12/22 and 2/18/22.

• Passports includes a personal gallery and downloads from the 4 races I photographed this season.

Beside action photography, I am also a credentialed USST 200 coach and a PSIA Cert 3 Alpine Instructor - TD/DCL staff trainer with over 25 years of experience. As a Photographer, this training reflects 2 points of focus when photographing athletes. I shoot for movement analysis and for getting that great action shot with spectacular light and background.

Hiring Bob provides Coaches and Athletes with movement analysis which is key for developing specific kinesthetic movements related to efficient skiing, alpine racing and racing tactics. I can shoot 14 frames per second that can cover apex to apex and deliver millisecond photo analysis that will create positive training outcomes and race results.

And for those who just want the shot, I will provide, “memories made just for you,” your family, and friends.

To get started, use the Payment button below. Then send me a list of dates and image numbers.  I'll then create your personal gallery where all of your photos will be made available, in one spot, for downloading.

The Watermark will disappear during the download. A small Stawicki Photography printmark will remain in the lower right corner of all images.

2022 MHSRL Passport Options
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