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Digital Usage - "You are welcome to use all these images for Social Media use, however please note that these images may not be passed on for branding purposes by partners/ sponsors for future usage without my consent."

Brands -  "Any brands/ sponsors wanting to use any of these images for branding or promotion, please contact me for rates on Social Media / Web use or Branding usage rates and rights. "

How to Download images

1) Open the Team or Individual Gallery. (Some galleries require a password to enter)

2) Swipe through the thumbnails to view images. * Notice that when hovering over an image a "download arrow and buy button appears"

3) To view a larger size and available tools expand the image by clicking on the thumbnail.

4) The shopping cart is also opened. Check out the prints and keepsakes. Love mugs are a hit! (coffee cups)

5) The tool options are:

• Full Screen

• Play slideshow

• Photo details

• Share

• Comments

• Download Arrows for the whole gallery or a single image.

6) To download a single image hover over the thumbnail and click on the arrow next to the buy button. Images are password protected.

7) To download the entire gallery use the arrow at the top of the gallery. You will be prompted for a password and email. Depending on the size of your gallery a zip.file will be sent in a few minutes.

* The Watermark is removed during download.

Current SmugMug downloading issue (new for 2020)

1/1/2020 - SmugMug is having downloading issues affecting single downloads from Public Smart Galleries. Currently a single download results in a blank image called Spacer.gif.

9.24.2020 - This is still a problem... I have 2 workarounds.

1) Download the entire gallery which will be sent to your email and uses your gallery password.

2) I can change your security settings to a private gallery. Entry to the gallery is password protected. The public cannot see your gallery. Single downloads work.

**PASSWORD FAILS** When a password fails folks end up on a page that prompts them for a SmugMug account password and email. No Smugmug Account has been created for you. Do not create a SmugMug account. This is where it’s time to clear the cookies and try downloading again or contact me for help. Should you see a Account Log in with an email and password just know that's for me.

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