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The On-Demand photo service works like this. Your photos are tagged and automatically load into your own personal gallery.

Members receive all of their images for the time they are here and receive discounts on Prints and Store items.

It's best to sign up right away when you get here, then you will receive notification about the weather, where I'll be for the day, and how to get a great shot!

Please, do not wait again till next year. If I recognize you as a person who waits and never buys you won't be photographed.I just cannot afford the cost and Shopping prevents customers from being photographed.

If you are new I'll shoot you for 1-2 days while you check out the site and decide. Those photos will be included.

On the water look for the Grey Zodiac Boat. Raise your hand, cruise by, and be photographed.

Photos are usually posted within 48 hours. I catch up on Monday-Tuesdays if I get buried.

On-Demand members  -   link for examples of what members receive

On-Demand Price list  -   link for bulk digital packages.

Been rescued, or know someone who has? If so then please make a donation of 30$, 50$, more? - I'm not shooting when i rescue so Please, every little bit helps.  ~Thank you Bob

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