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First, Thank you for checking out my Action Sports Photography service.

Rescues - Take time and always adds considerable risk. It can also kill a photo shoot. Please make a donation.

Selling  - I have 2 ways to sell Digital copies and Prints. Smugmug's shopping cart or direct to me.

1) SmugMug's shopping cart - Hover over an image and the Shopping cart button appears. Use the buy button to enter the Store for items like metal and canvas prints, coffee cups, puzzles and playing cards or SINGLE digital copies.

*Is it wall worthy? If so Please get your prints from me. Prints are super important for my business. Checkout Metal prints, it's like being there all over again. Annually do some 4 x 6 prints, put them away and 100 years from now everyone will be grooving on them!

2) Bulk Digital -  Al La Carte / On-Demand Member -  The link below is provided from the main menu. **Bulk digital packages are not available in SmugMug's shopping cart**

My focus is on the Members.

The Summer On-Demand photo service works like this. Your Member photos are tagged to automatically load into your own personal gallery.

Members receive all of their digital images starting at, and for, the time they are here.

Sign up right away when you get here to receive notifications about the weather, where I'll be for the day, and how to get a great shot from the start of your visit.

If you are new to my service please know I'll shoot you for 1-2 days while you check out the site and decide. Then a decision must be made by you to purchase, or a decision by me to stop photographing you. Those 1-2 days of sample photos will be included with your Membership.

My service takes an incredible amount of time, effort and expense to produce. Then there's the rescues. Should I recognize you as a person who hangs out and never buys. Please accept my wave and know you won't be photographed. I just cannot afford the costs.

And more importantly, shopping prevents customers from being photographed.

On the water look for the Grey Zodiac Boat with iwasphotographed on the sides.

Use the international sign for "i want to be photographed" and wave your hand to get my attention. Then fix yer hair, then yer britches, then cruise by and be photographed. Don't forget to smile.

If all goes well photos are usually posted within 24-48 hours. I catch up on Monday-Tuesdays if I get buried.

Windsurfers - come on now, for some of you it's been years, There's no need to be shy an hide behind your gear. Be in the shot and try downwind of the boat.

Water SAFETY !

Kiters - Up Wind Safety.

Please, please, PLEASE no upwind jumping where you may land within 1 kite line distance of the boat. It does and can go badly. My boat was lined and damaged by a jumper with me inside his kite lines. The kite itself just missed me by 2 feet and sliced a grab handle off my boat. Luckily Nobody was near my bow in the way of my escape.

Catching an edge happens frequently regardless of ability. 

Flying kites over head. (Boats, SUP, Surf-Ski's, others)

• Please keep from flying lines and kites over my head. Some out there have been flying the middle of their lines or their kite 6-10 feet over my head. My bad will not cover it when it goes bad. I have been told that.

• Kiting etiquette and schools are clear about flying a kite over another object, especially over a persons head.

Wave Driven Acceleration 

In rough conditions Waves will unexpectedly push my boat forward and onto a plane. As the slower craft I  cannot go into reverse while being pushed by 4' - 8' + waves. The Faster craft for the conditions must bare off.

Seriously, I must have an escape path forward from waves behind me. Please don't be that faster craft that forces me to turn beam to conditions and get rolled.

It's also too close for my Zoom Lens. 2 kite lines is perfect.

Bob's Digital Plans and Price list - For Downwinders, Privates, OnDemand and A La Carte direct packages.

Been rescued, or know someone who has? Maybe you just like to look? If so then please make a donation of 30$, 50$, more? - Page views and rescues don't pay the bills...

So Please, every little bit helps.  ~Thank you Bob

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