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How this works

Are you visiting the gorge this summer? How about getting some great photos memorizing your experience? You can sign up before you arrive or when you get here. Then cruise by the Grey Zodiac Boat and be photographed. Photos are posted online generally within 48 hours.

I'll shoot you only for 1-2 days. After which you need to signup for the On-Demand photo service to be photographed further for the time you are here.

There's no need to shop me as there's plenty of examples within the site to see.

Menue Bar

"Wind" - For Windsurfing, Kiting and Sailing.

"Water" - For Paddlers, Watercraft and Barges.

"Dirt" -  For Families, Dogs, Wildlife and Landscapes.

"Snow" -  Skiing, Snowboarding.

"Events" - SUP Racing, Canoe Racing, Windsurf Racing, DW Racing, Sailboat Racing, Alpine Ski Racing


Using the search feature with keywords is useful to find photos. An example would be: Eventsite, The Hatchery or Rufus kiters. (Under construction Keyword work in progress)

How to Buy

Shopping Cart Option  - Purchases can be made online for prints or single digital downloads by using the BUY button found on any thumbnail or opened image. 

On-Demand price list    -  from the menu bar click On-Demand Price List for other bulk options not found in the shopping cart.

Commercial / Client Shoots -  

Contact bob at  Bob@iwasphotographed to schedule a time. Ready to shoot in any of the Elements listed.


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