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Summer On-Demand Member

Summer Wind Photo Service.

New to the photo boat? This is how On-Demand works.

Cruise by the Grey Zodiac Boat and be photographed.  Photo's are posted as soon as possible.  Sign up for the service anytime and get them all. Not sure? That's ok, I'll shoot you for 1-2 days or so, after which you will need to be a member to be photographed further for the time you are here. You can also purchase images and prints from the shopping cart.

Pass by the boat at a distance of 20 meters / 3 sprinter vans. I mostly use a 70-200 white zoom lens. So no need to be close. I shoot to the West in the AM and East in the PM. Have the sun in your face.

STAY AWAY FROM MY BOW - You are not looking at Waves behind me , and they will unexpectedly push the boat forward. I must have a safe escape from waves behind me. Do not be in this area.

What you get:

• Memories to share with friends, children, grandparents and more. Once your gone an image  is all's thats left. Think of it this way, you want the kids photos right?, well, the kids want your photos too! Remember prints last forever.

• You get all of your images moving forward from the time you signup till your vacation ends. I'll include those past days if you send me a list. ex Arlington 6.30.19-5555, 5565-5575.

• Members get a working relationship with the photographer. It's like a bunch of mini private shoots. How does a shot of you with a MTN or Barge in the background sound?

• The Schedule is Wed-Sunday starting June 1st to Aug 30th. Starting with weekends in mid April, May, Sept, to mid Oct.  Big day wind clause is always in effect.

• Members receive an AM Email Notification for the days shooting location and approximate time and info about what's going on in the gorge. It's like a mini gorge blog.

• I also shoot from shore, look for the Yellow flag. Here i'll use a 600mm lens or a 100-400.

• From your personal gallery you can download images to your device, or share directly to your favorite platform.

• MA - Images can be used for Movement Analysis Training. It's a great tool to improve your skills and confidence. 

• 25% Discount on Prints and Store items. If it's special Metal prints are the way to go!

** This is not a season pass and should not be considered as one. Too often i hear "oh i'll sign up next season" in June. Then the person goes by for another 2 months. Please, If time has been spent in front of my lens, and photos have been processed. I need your $ales. If not, I must be available to vacationeers and buyers.

Just sayin, once i realized i'm being shopped for "that photo" it's over until the signup is completed or a purchase has been made.

Pro On-demand Options

Pro On-Demand

This is the ultimate package for Pro's, Pro Teams and those who want the best.

Here's what you get:

• New for 2020 Video. Clips only, production will be quoted. I use Canon's best gear the 1DX mk2 and 7D mk2. And for lenses the F4 600, 2.8 70-200, 2.8 24-70, f4 24-105. 

• You'll get images to satisfy your sponsors Social Media requirements. Images are edited and ready to download. ** usage rules apply.

• This is everything for the time your here, either for an event, or for the season*.

• You'll get more time on the water with the Photographer working towards an outcome of great images. 

• Movement Analysis - This is a great tool for training.

• AM notifications of where i'll be, Time and weather reports.

•  You get your own gallery to download images from.

• Priority for projects and shooting times.

• Available to scout locations

Shooting Locations are: Hood River to Vento. Mosier to Doug's. Maryhill to Rufus. Arlington / Roosevelt and Bob's Beach / Stevenson.

* if signing up late, provide a list of image numbers and they'll be included.

**copyright rules and usage applies.

**usage for commercial use such as magazine covers and product promotion must be approved before hand. compensation of standard rates apply.

Me, My Friends and Family 30 image digital package

"The Me, My Friends and Family"

This a 30 image Social Media Mobile device ready package.

Email me your selection of dates, locations, and image numbers. A gallery will be created for you to access your images to share or download.

A 25% discount  / Coupon applies to all Prints and Store purchases.

*Standard Res is print quality for 4x6 prints. Large prints need higher res and are available from Stawicki Photography. My print service includes another edit before sending to Bayphoto who does a great job and delivers to your door. 

All of an individual images from a single day

"today was so good I gotta have em all" For the individual.

Was today the day!? Fire the Stoke and get em all! This Social Media ready package is for a single individuals day at a single location.

Email me your Date, Location and Image numbers. A Download gallery will be created for you to access your Social media ready images to share or download.

Check out the Metal prints and print package options in the shopping cart!

*Standard Res is print quality for 4x6 - 8x10 prints. Large prints need higher res. Prints from me includes another edit before sending to my lab Bayphoto. They do a great job and deliver to your door. 

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