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As a kid, I was curious and looked for adventure everywhere. I’m from the Midwest and I grew up at Delavan Lake, WI. Growing up near a lake nurtured and fed my curiosity and love for watersports and the outdoors. Sports consumed all my free time, and I tried everything I could, including ice hockey, mountain and road bikes, motorcycles, fishing, skiing (Alpine and Nordic,), windsurfing, archery and snowboarding. Add to that mix, my father, who was into photography as a hobby, and that rubbed off on me, but with an action and adventure spin.

I first visited the Columbia River Gorge in 1991. The adventure, the beauty, and the friends kept me coming back. I decided to stay for good in 1999 and currently live in White Salmon, WA. with my best friend and wife Hillary. The gorge is a magical place with nature’s beauty all around you. It will fill your senses with the many spectacular landscapes and places from the NW mountain rain forests and massive Sitka spruce trees, to the Washington Olympic coast.

Why start “Iwasphotographed.com? Over the years, the training and coaching in the various sports developed my movement analysis skills and understanding of sequential movements. This training included the use of video and camera equipment. My eye for movement, my knowledge of sports, and the experience with photo equipment, together with the backdrop of the Columbia Gorge and the Cascades, led me to photographing people in action.

So for me, it’s about the action and anticipating the shot. Being there, in it, as it’s happening, experiencing the elements of Wind, Water, Dirt and Snow, and capturing those memorable photographs for you to share with family and friends.

~ Bob


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