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How to Download images:

1) Open the Team or Individual Gallery. (Some galleries require a password to enter)

2) Swipe through the thumbnails to view images.

* Notice that when hovering over an image a "download arrow and buy button appears"

3) Click on the images to view a larger size and available tools.

4) Click on any image to checkout the shopping cart for print options and keepsakes. Love mugs are a hit! (coffee cups)

5) The tool options are:

• Full Screen

• Play slideshow

• Photo details

• Share

• Comments

• Download Arrows for the whole gallery or a single image.

6) To download a single image hover over the thumbnail and click on the arrow next to the buy button. Images may be password protected.

7) To download the entire gallery use the arrow at the top of the gallery. You will be prompted for a password and email. Depending on the size of your gallery a zip.file will be sent in a few minutes.

The Watermark is removed during download.

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