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2018-2019 PACRAT 5 Race digital photo package.

2018-19 PACRAT Digital Packages

Individual Racer - $65.00 per person

Teams- $350.00 per team

Here’s what you get –

1) You will be photographed with top of the line Canon equipment at 5 PACRAT races.

2) Keep those memories fresh with photo evidence of you having fun racing your friends!

3) Teams get a team photo.

4) Teams, or individuals, will have their own gallery to download free ready to use Social media size images. Images will be available 1-3 days following the race.

5) MA Sequential images.  Use sequential images for Movement Analysis (MA) in developing your skiing and racing skills.

6) Work with the Photographer to get that shot!

7) Access to a Certified teaching and race coach with film to help you out.

8) Offer includes any necessary make up races due to cancelations by the race committee.

9) 25% discount on prints and store items. Metal Prints and Cell phone covers are very cool!

PaymentPlease use the Buy button above. Any credit card will work just select an option.

Experience counts in getting the shot so here's a bit about Stawicki Photography

Stawicki Photography is an Outdoor Sports Photography company covering Wind, Water, Dirt and Snow. During the Summer, with the use of a Zodiac boat, it's all about the Columbia River and the wound up conditions "the Gorge" provides for the wind and water enthusiasts. For Winter, It's about the snow and local trails. 

Bob has been shooting sequential movements professionally for over 18 years and has 28 years experience in coaching skiing and ski racing. He is a Certified level 3 PSIA Alpine Instructor, PSIA Alpine Trainer and a Level 200 USST Race Coach. He was also Head Coach for Lake Oswego his school's Alpine race team where the use of video and stills were used for Movement Analysis in skiing, racing skills and tactic's development.

~Movement Analysis can show you how you currently use your legs, and how to use your legs

Get MA tips from Bob!

"I’ve always maintained that skiing should be as smooth as walking or running". For most of us that changes the steeper we descend  or because of the obstacles we must manage aka; the course, powder, bumps and,trees…

I can show you how to use your legs ~Bob

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